Graines Voltz Saulais successful live on PAT    

Saulais - Graines Voltz in France went smoothly and successful live on PAT. The implementation was realized within budget and within planning in a short time. For the company important processes are now easy, effecitive and integral managed with PAT. All with flexibility needed for living material. We would especially thank the team of Graines Voltz and Saulais for the good and nice cooperation.

Some high lights:

  • Ordering by automatic orders entry (connection with customer system – bi-directional)
  • Availability
  • Purchase planning and purchasing
  • Delivery of purchased material + labeling
  • Stock administration + labeling
  • Production planning + labeling
  • Resource planning ( demand personnel in hours, glue plugs, treatment, etc.)
  • Sowing at sowing line with scanners
  • Activity planning and registration of production batches with scanners (moving, gapping up, loss registration)
  • Distribution planning (automated with connection to transporter system)
  • Finally match production batches to order lines to deliver.
  • Availability
  • Container build and container load planning (optimizer + labeling)
  • Container position planning for delivery department
  • Tracking and tracing
  • Easy and quick statistics and reports per user